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FARC kidnapping ‘intolerable’: Defense Minister

juan c. p.

Colombia’s defense minister on Wednesday rejected the FARC’s kidnapping of two policemen in the southwestern Valle del Cauca department.

“Only the infamous justify their actions. We can see what is [on] their minds and behavior,” said minister Juan Carlos Pinzon.

According to the defense minister, the FARC’s decision to keep taking “prisoners of war” was “intolerable.”

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“If the FARC wants peace, they will have to show it,” said Pinzon.

The Colombian government and the left-wing insurgents are in the midst of peace negotiations in Havana, Cuba aimed at ending the nearly half century long armed conflict.

FARC rebels kidnapped the two policemen on Sunday while the officials were investigating an extortion case.

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Both the lead government negotiator and the country’s vice president on Wednesday condemned the FARC action and said the taking of hostages was putting the peace talks at risk.

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