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FARC demands independent commission to analyze conflict

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Rebel group FARC on Monday demanded that an independent commission analyze Colombia’s armed conflict.

According to El Tiempo, the FARC delegation in Cuba were responding to the report of the government-funded research, which determined that there were more than 220,000 victims of the internal conflict in the last 50 years.

MORE Colombia’s conflict cost 220,000 lives since 1958

The FARC insisted on an independent study, analyzing the causes of the conflict and the reason for the existence of guerrilla groups in the country.

“The FARC has requested that an independent commission study the conflict. The first thing to do is start the prompt review and follow-up to the aforementioned report. A response to that largely depends on the success of the evacuation of the point five of the Agenda.”

“The state, by action or inaction is responsible for what happened during the conflict” added the rebel group.

When referring to the victims of the conflict, the guerrillas stated that they should be “treated with wisdom, realism and with a regard for the truth.”

The Colombian government and FARC have been negotiating an end to the armed conflict since November 2012.

The delegations are currently in their 12th round of talks, discussing the rebel group’s political participation post conflict.

An accord was reached in May regarding land reform, no agreements however, have been reached on the topics of the FARC’s political participation, drug trafficking, the practicalities of the end of the armed conflict and the rights of the victims.