Posted by Olle Ohlsen Pettersson on Aug 17, 2012 Leave a comment

‘FARC’ commander captured in Bogota


One of the commanders of the FARC’s 10th Front has been captured in Colombia’s capital Bogota, the police reported Friday.

Danilo Benavidez, alias “Carracho,” was considered the financial and logistical head of the FARC’s 10th Front, which operates in large parts of the northeastern Arauca department.

Authorities said Carracho had been a member of the FARC for over 17 years and had served as the leader of the FARC’s urban militias in the municipalities of Arauquita, Purto Rondon, Cravo Norte and Arauca. He was responsible for the assassination of at least 11 policemen and soldiers, a police press release said.

The FARC commander was responsible for the smuggling of firearms, ammunition and explosives across the Venezuelan border into Colombian territory, the police continued.

Carracho will be placed before the Specialized Prosecutor General of Arauca on charges of terrorism and rebellion.

In a separate operation realized in the Arauca department, police reported the capture of alias “Yudi,” who is believed to be the daughter of Carracho. According to police, the 19-year-old Yudi served as one of the medics of the 10th Front.

The 10th Front of the FARC is considered to be active in large parts of the oil-rich Arauca department, especially in areas close to the Venezuelan border. The front is led by alias “Efren” and is estimated to have approximately 300 armed members.