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FARC attack on police station kills 1, injures 3

police attack

A suspected FARC attack on a police base in southwest Colombia left at least one police officer dead and three injured, according to Radio RCN.

The attack, allegedly carried out by the rebel group’s 29th Front, happened early Sunday in a rural part of the Ricaurte municipality, in the southwestern department of Nariño.

Police commander of Nariño, Colonel Cesar Miranda, sai,d “Unfortunately I have lost one of my men. The other police officers bravely fought the attack of missiles, grenades and other things thrown by these terrorists.”

The attack in the country’s southwest comes as alleged FARC rebels begin an offensive in the north of Colombia, where they are alleged to have carried out at least five attacks over the past three days.

The Nariño department is considered vital for drug trafficking to the Pacific and Ecuador.