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Famous FARC kidnapping movie will be shown in Colombia

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A film about a famous FARC kidnapping will be released in Colombia despite the legal wrangling of the victim to prevent its distribution.

Former Colombian congresswoman Clara Rojas was kidnapped by the FARC, Colombia’s largest left-wing insurgency, in 2002 and held for six years. While Rojas was in captivity deep in the Colombian jungle she gave birth to a son named Emmanuel. It is speculated that the father was a FARC member. When the infant fell ill, the rebels purportedly placed him in the hands of a peasant family in the hope that they could journey out of the jungle and find him medical treatment. The child was eventually taken from the family’s care and relocated. After only knowing her son for eight months, Rojas was eventually reunited with Emmanuel in 2008 when the guerrillas released her.

Rojas filed a legal complaint on the grounds that the film violated the rights of her child, Emmanuel, for whom the film is named. In the complaint, Rojas argued that the film is “abusive” and that it “distorts the truth” and attacks her good name. Rojas is the director of a non-profit named “Free Country” that works to fight kidnapping, extorsion and forced displacement.

But according to Colombia’s minister of culture, Rojas’ complaint has no grounds.

“Censorship doesn’t exist in Colombia” said minister Mariana Garces.

“From the point of view of the law and in accordance with the constitution, there is no possibility of barring the movie from distribution,” she said.

Rojas has announced plans to make her own film about the events.

“Yes, I confess that I have an agent hired to do this, to make a movie is not easy, it takes a while, and we’ll see if it can be done in time.”