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Ex‐Urabeños leader asks Argentina not to extradite him

“Mi Sangre,” a former leader of neo-paramilitary organization “Los Urabeños” has pleaded not to be extradited as part of his trial taking part in Argentina, local media reported Tuesday.

The paramilitary-turned-neo-paramilitary  was arrested on drug trafficking charges in October and is currently on trial in Buenos Aires. The U.S. has issued a request of extradition so he can face drug trafficking charges there.

Mi Sangre pleaded with the Argentinian judge to deny the request stating that if he is transported to the U.S. his life will be in danger.

The alleged drug lord’s lawyer, Carlos Olita, stated in a press conference that his client ”is a victim of political persecution” while retaining that Londoño “will provide evidence that will justify the government and Colombian police have fabricated evidence,” amid claims that his trial is based on false evidence.

“I’ve never moved a single gram of cocaine in my life” claimed Londoño from his cell in Buenos Aires, despite being labeled as one of Colombia’s top players in a major drug trafficking organization.

Not only is Mi Sangre wanted in the U.S. but he is also wanted in the country he hails from, Colombia, for aggravated conspiracy, drug trafficking and terrorism charges.

The Colombian entered Argentina on a false passport with his wife and son, jumping from village to village to avoid detection. Authorities eventually caught up with him in a restaurant in the Buenos Aires outskirts while he posed as a Venezuelan businessman.

He was a leader of the now disbanded ex?paramilitary group AUC and is the latest in a long list of ex?AUC lieutenants to face possible extradition to the U.S. since the official demobilization of the group in 2005.