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Ex to sue Shakira for $250M

Colombia news - Shakira

Shakira’s ex-fiance is sueing the Colombian singer for $250 million, reported local media Tuesday.

According to newspaper El Tiempo, Antonio De la Rua is demanding compensation from his former partner, arguing that he had abandoned his career as a publicist and left several outstanding contracts because of their relationship.

The amount asked for would also include financial compensation for the time that he managed the famed singer’s career. De la Rua, son of an ex-president of Argentina, stressed in court that he didn’t exercise his profession as publicist during the years that they were together because he had dedicated himself to the musical career of Shakira.

Shakira’s former partner is also asking for several estates that the couple had shared in the past, more specifically the house they bought in Uruguay and an apartment that they acquired in New York.

De la Rua already claims 18% of the profits of the superstar for the key role he played in the negotiation of her nearly $100 million contract with Live Nation, the producer of some of the biggest events in the world.

One of the famed singer’s lawyers said that she is not obligated to give any more money to De la Rua based on their existing marital capitulation, the Colombian equivalent of a prenuptial agreement, that they both signed when they formed their relationship as a couple.

This lawsuit will add to others against Shakira, including the alleged blackmailing by her former employees.