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Diana Angel: Playboy Colombia’s December cover girl

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Colombian singer Diana Angel is cover girl for Playboy Colombia’s December edition, which is dedicated to all things musical and goes on sale this week.

The December Christmas edition is devoted to the Colombian music scene and as a result will feature interviews with prominent Colombian songsters such as Jimena Angel, Naty Botero, Natalia Bedoya (Emma Project) and Carlos Vives, who will be offering their views on the state of independent music in the country.

The front cover features Angel, whose new album ‘Quiereme’ is released soon. Angel composes the majority of her own songs but the album features collaborations with artists such as Juan Pablo Villamizar and guitarist Juanes, reported newspaper El Espectador Tuesday.

Angel states her admiration for what “female musicians are doing in Colombia because each one has a personal goal … they create music that they enjoy and are very talented.”

Angel describes her appearance in Playboy as “the best thing, it is very flattering for me, I am proud because it is a world-wide reference to feminine beauty … I have no hangups about my body.”

Readers of Playboy Colombia will also be able to enjoy the intimate backstage photo shoot of a salsa concert as well as info about rock legends such as AC/DC.

The magazine, which has been going for a year now but was given a re-vamp in September, costs COP15,000 and will be available to buy from Tuesday.