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Delta Air to improve first class service on flights to Bogota

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Delta Airlines has planned to improve its options for first class travelers headed from New York City and Atlanta to Bogota in December.

Come holiday season, daily Boeing 737-700 flights headed to Colombia’s capital will be fully equipped with luxurious options for first class passengers’ food and drink.

“Our corporate travelers have told us what they want, and we’re investing in our product to cater to their needs,” said Ricardo Garnica, Delta’s sales manager in Colombia. “From comfortable pillows and blankets, to excellent menu options, all are added bonuses that Colombian travelers currently do not have with any other airline traveling to the U.S.”

There will be gourmet dinner entrees, such as seared beef tenderloin over risotto, roasted chicken breast and vegetables, and delicious delights such as fine pastas and sauces, as well as the first clas favorite, seared scallops.

First class customers will also be rewarded with appetizers, fresh salad, fruit, cheese, warm nuts, and ice cream sundaes while in route to Bogota. Delta’s Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson, has also spiffed up their wine list to include top shelf vintages and delectable varietals.

Travelers will also be able chose from upgraded in-flight entertainment, including a wide range of in-seat movies, pre-recorded T.V programs, games, and music.