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DAS to become Colombia’s Central Intelligence Agency

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Colombia’s former intelligence agency DAS will now be known as the Central Intelligence Agency, a new entity which will take over state and immigration intelligence and counterintelligence duties.

Bill 189 of 2009 was filed with the General Secretariat of the House of Representatives to create a new civilian intelligence agency, to be called the Central Intelligence Agency of Colombia (ACI).

This new entity will not only produce strategic state intelligence and counterintelligence, but will also take over the role of immigration authority, as a first line of homeland defense.

The bill provides for the possibility that in the process of reassignment of the DAS responsibilities to other institutions, that the new agency could take on specialized personnel of the Department.

The bill seeks also to initiate a revolutionary process of streamlining trials addressing the issue of the Judicial Certificate, seeking to change the traditional use of it, by assigning a new official who could offer this service to the community, while further reinforcing the technology platform that is available exclusively through the internet.

The introduction of the bill consolidates the process of creating a national civilian intelligence agency, responding to new internal and external threats, and framed within the new intelligence and counterintelligence law passed by Congress.