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DAS arrest ‘Cuchillo’s’ head hitman

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Colombia’s security and intelligence agency DAS on Tuesday arrested Juan de Jesus Jimenez Peña, alias “Richard,” who is believed to be the chief hitman of the drug trafficking organization run by Pedro Oliverio Guerrero, alias “Cuchillo.”

According to the DAS, Richard – who was arrested in Puerto Lopez, in Colombia’s central Meta department – was in charge of coordinating extortion and homicides in the eastern Arauca department

Authorities also believe that Richard was responsible for arms and drug trafficking between Villavicencio, Puerto Lopez, and Puerto Gaitan. Richard also allegedly charged “taxes” from other gangs who wanted to traffic drugs out of the area.

Nelson Enrique Bravo Zambrano, alias “El Enano” was arrested alongside Richard. A large quantity of arms and ammunition was also seized. Both men are believed to be members of the Colombian Revolutionary Popular Anti-terrorist Army (ERPAC).

Cuchillo is one of Colombia’s most wanted drug traffickers. The Colombian government is offering a reward of COP5 billion ($2.5 million) for information leading to his capture.

ERPAC was named by Human Rights Watch as one of the principle “paramilitary successor” groups.