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Cundinamarca – Colombia’s new tourism hotspot

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The central Colombian department of Cundinamarca is being promoted as a new tourist hotspot, aiming to attract visitors interested in ecotourism, agrotourism and extreme sports.

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The Andean department, in which the country’s capital Bogota is situated, is recognized for its varied landscape and wealth of wildlife.

Some of the recommended destinations are Tablo, Villeta and Guaduas – with natural hot springs and routes for trekking, the areas are especially suited to ecotourists and adventure travellers.

For tourists more interested in discovering Colombian history and culture, a good destination is Castillo Marroquin de Chia, which was built 100 years ago by the president’s son Jose Manuel Marroquin, because he “did not know what to do with his money.”

More adventurous visitors, however, might benefit from a visit to the Granja Extrema, where they can take part in extreme sports such as white water rafting.

Finally, high-quality artisanry may be found in Cajica, where locals specialize in hand-weaving rugs and other fabrics.

Tourists visiting Colombia will find that access to many locations is becoming easier, thanks to increased investment by the country’s government.

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