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CORRECTION: Laura Acuña not a monster but a scheming egomaniac

Colombia Reports - Laura Acuna

Colombian celebrity Laura Acuña has revealed her ingenious plot to fool the country into thinking she’s a total b***h.

The RCN host (the one with the exploding breast implant), in a stunning display of wit and cunning, turns out to have been behind the ‘secret’ video of her acting like a massive diva in a Bogota beauty parlor, released by rival television station La Red on Tuesday.

It was all a huge trick to protest against La Red’s nefarious conduct, specifically their outrageous tactic of paying for and publishing video footage of Colombian celebrities.

One can only imagine the brainstorming session between Acuña and her minions. Acuña: “Hm, how can we make La Red look bad? Oh I know! We’ll make a video of me looking really bad! Then we’ll trick them into posting the fake video of me in order to punish them for posting videos about me!” Minion: “Laura, you’re a (not in the slightest crazy egocentric) GENIUS!”

A behind-the scenes video released by the Acuña camp today shows the TV host and beauty parlor staff having a whale of a time as they film the offending scene, where the lovely lady cruelly berates a pedicurist and the salon manager for failing to treat her in the manner she deserves. After completing the take the group comes together to squeal a hilarious pun at the camera …”La Red cayó en la red!” (La Red fell into the trap!).

Yeah we know, impressive right? Her acting skills were so convincing that people actually believed she was a vicious wench!! Give that girl an Oscar.

Having sold La Red a video of her personal life, Acuña now plans to sue La Red for intruding into her personal life. If there were ever a more brilliant plan to protest against invasion of privacy, Colombia Reports wants to hear it.

For now a little advice. Perhaps filming yourself acting like a total witch is not the best way to persuade people you’ve been unfairly portrayed? Just a thought…