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Charges against JJ Rendon dropped

Colombia news - Rendon

Criminal charges against Venezuelan spin doctor J.J. Rendon, who was accused of threatening smear a congressman with prostitute rumours, have been dropped by the Colombian Prosecutor General’s Office, RCN Radio reported Thursday.

Rendon, who was the advisor for the successful presidential campaign of Juan Manuel Santos, was sued by former congressman Nicolas Uribe Rueda who said that the spin doctor had threatened to invent a story about Rueda having sexual relations with prostitutes.

The Prosecutor General’s Office ruled against all charges and said that there had been no crime, Rendon’s defense attorney told the radio station.

“Rueda’s charges do not constitute a crime according to Colombian penal law, the prosecuting body decided, and are therefore dropped,” the defense lawyer told RCN.

According to his attorney, Rendon will not press charges for false accusations.

The Venezuelan spin doctor is a controversial figure in Colombia, accused of using “dirty” tactics in Santos’ campaign.