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Colombia’s first English-language radio show launched

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For the first time in the country’s history, Colombia has an English-language radio show, broadcast from the University of Antioquia in Medellin.

The show, tilted “Prime Cuts,” is hosted by Robin Finley and Jeff Guerra, both from the United States.

In an interview with Colombia Reports, Finley explained various features of the show. “On the show, we play various genres of independent music from Colombia and from abroad, everything from jazz, hip-hop, to rock and electronica. Also, we will have a ‘Local Spotlight’, in which we will interview and feature the work of local artists, such as DJs, musicians, and anyone involved in the cultural scene in Medellin.”

The show’s debut on Saturday showcased the work of local Medellin hip-hop group “L-Mental.”

According to the program’s producer, Braulio Uribe Londoño from the University of Antioquia, “the show was a collaborative effort between the director of international relations and the director of the university radio station from the University of Antioquia. The two of them concluded that it would be a really good idea to try and reach the various foreign-language speaking populations who have settled in Medellin, through radio.”

Tourism in Medellin, and Colombia in general, has increased dramatically in the recent years, giving foreign language radio programming the opportunity to take hold.

According to Londoño, “the University of Antioquia radio station decided to create a show catered to English-speaking populations living in Medellin, in addition to the French-speaking niche.”

Londoño went on to explain that the radio station then contacted Robin, who is well-known for setting up Medellin’s first English magazine, “The Arepa,” and proposed to him the idea of hosting a radio show, which he accepted.

As for the French show, Londoño says that “it is still under development.”

“Prime Cuts” is on every Saturday night at 9:00 PM on the University of Antioquia Radio Station: 101.9 FM.

The radio station at the Univeristy of Antioquia is the oldest in Latin America, and reaches much of Colombia, and even parts of Panama.