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Colombiana in new VH1 reality show ‘Viva Hollywood’

Colombian Silvia Tovar (24) is one of the people starred in VH1’s new reality show Viva Hollywood, a show about 12 aspiring Latin actors trying to become Latin America’s new soap star.

Colombian press agency Colprensa spoke with Colombian contestant Silvia Tovar.

How did you get into ‘Viva Hollywood?
“I was selected by VH1 after an audition of thousands of bilingual actors throughout the United States. It was a lot of sacrifice, sweat, some tears and a lot of joy”

What will viewers see in ‘Viva Hollywood?
“Many surprise talent tests between the contestants and the different situations that occur when you put 12 actors that want to battle and win together in a house without any contact with the outside world. For me it’s been an acting challenge and a challenge to live with eleven complete strangers.”

How did you experience the reality show?
“It was an incredibly enriching experience on both a professional and personal level. It also has given me the opportunity to show my artistic talent.”

What has been the most difficult in this program?
“The element of the surprise tests and the pressure of having to do things right all the time to avoid being eliminated.”

What about the relationship with presenters Carlos Ponce and Maria Conchita Alonso?
“We have a very nice teacher-student like relationship. They are wonderful people with great human sense and humility”

Is it difficult to find job opportunities in Hollywood?
“It’s a long and difficult road and requires passion, the ability to deliver, lifelong preparation and sacrifice. But most of all it requires a love for the art of acting.”

Have you tried being an actress in Colombia?
“At the end of my bachelor I was able to do an exchange in New York to learn English and got the opportunity to study there. Nevertheless, my plans are to further develop my career in Colombia.”

How have you prepared acting?
“I started doing a two year course at the New York Conservatory. Next I went to Adelpi University where they gave me scholarship because of my talent and I got my degree in Fine Arts. After that I continued my studies at the Lee Strasberg University.”