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Colombian vallenato star releases single dedicated to ‘La Gringa’ (video)

Colombia News - Silvestre Dangond

Colombian vallenato star Silvestre Dangond has released his new single, aptly titled “La Gringa” (The White Girl).

The accordion-riddled jam La Gringa is a hilariously exaggerated song in which Silvestre recounts an experience of meeting an American girl online and chatting her up.

In Spanish he reminisces about the day where she said, “‘Good morning,’ but I didn’t understand her…’Hello, how are you,’ but I didn’t know what she said.”

In addition to his attempts to Google translate his confessions of love, Silvestre sings of trying to woo the white girl beauty by sending her more vallenato ditties.

The new song is what the Colombian musician is using to promote his new album, “No me Compares con Nadie” (Don’t Compare Me With Anyone)”, and accompanying DVD, which will be launched on Friday, November 25.

Silvestre Dangond and sidekick Juancho de la Espriella have already sold 80,000 copies of their CD since its launch in August, according to Sony Music.

La Gringa comes after the launch of Silvestre’s first song from the album, “Mi Amor Eres Tu” (You’re My Love).