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Colombia must pay damages for sociologist’s murder

alfredo correa andreis

A court ordered the Colombian state Tuesday to pay damages to the family of a sociologist murdered in an intelligence agency conspiracy.

The Administrative Court of the Atlantico department ordered that DAS, the now defunct intelligence agency, or the entity which replaces it must pay a sum of between $370,000 and $617,000, according to different news sources for the murder of the professor and sociologist Alfredo Correa de Andreis.

The academic was killed with this bodyguard Edward Ochoa Martinez on September 17, 2004 in Barranquilla. The professor and sociologist had been tipped by the DAS to be an ideologue of a guerrilla group — but it was later demonstrated he was victim of a DAS conspiracy aided by paramilitaries.

The court orded the director of DAS — or the president of the republic if the agency has been liquidated — to make a public apology. DAS or its replacement body must also put up plaques in the main offices of Barranquilla, Cartagena, and Bogota commemorating Correa de Andreis.