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Colombian socialists do not want to respresent Chavez

Colombia news - Polo Democratico

Colombia’s social democratic party Polo Democratico does not want to
be affiliated with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, it’s president
said Monday.

According to Jaime Dussan, chairman of the leftist party, Polo Democratico represents Colombia’s democratic left and does not represent Hugo Chavez.

The Venezuelan President Sunday had mentioned the Colombian opposition party is a possible member of an international ‘Chavista’ coalition and had met with representatives of the party recently to discuss the current diplomatic crisis around a U.S. Colombian plan to expand military cooperation to combat drug trafficking and terrorism.

Chave fiercely rejects the military pact and accuses the U.S. of trying to create a military ring around Venezuela to be able to obtain its oil through military intervention. Polo Democratico also expressed criticism over the plan, but for its own reasons, Dussan said.

“Polo Democratico does not make part of mister Chavez movement and mister Chavez’ movement has no representatives inside Polo Democratico,” the leftist leader said.

However, Polo Democratico, in favor of an international alignment of socialist movements in South America, does not rule out cooperating with Hugo Chavez’ Bolivarian movement.

The Colombian government will ask the Organization of American States to condemn Chavez’ alleged interference in Colombian domestic politics.