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Colombian prostitutes have no terrorist links: US Secret Service documents

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The prostitutes caught up in the Cartagena Secret Service scandal do not have links to terrorist organizations or drug cartels in Colombia, and only nine of 12 were paid for their services, according to documents revealed Tuesday night.

The latest details come from 24 pages of written answers submitted to United States congressional committees investigating the scandal, reported the Washington Post.

At least three congressional committees and the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General are probing the actions of a group of U.S. security personnel who hired prostitutes in the resort city of Cartagena ahead of President Obama’s arrival for the Summit of the Americas in mid April.

Secret Service officials requested the documents not be made public, but members of the congressional committees revealed some details to the Post.

Those include that the agency has spoken with nine of 12 prostitutes involved in the scandal, and intends to interview the remaining three.

Of the 175 Secret Service officers stationed in Cartagena ahead of Obama’s arrival, 135 stayed at the Hotel Caribe where the scandal unfolded.

Of the 12 officers named in the scandal, nine have taken and passed polygraph tests. The other three declined, including the agent who’s refusal to pay one woman led to hotel workers to alert the U.S. Embassy, and break open the scandal.