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Colombian Nascar racer’s father-in-law a fugitive: El Nuevo Herald

Colombia news - Juan Pablo Montoya

The father in law of Colombian Nascar driver Juan Pablo Montoya is a fugitive on pending drug trafficking charges, Miami newspaper El Nuevo Herald reported Thursday.

The newspaper reported that Kevin McDonald, a South Carolina district attorney, said he could verify that Colombian businessman John Freydell, Montoya’s father in law, is a fugitive from justice on narcotics smuggling and illegal distribution charges filed in 1994.

McDonald explained that the case against Freydell will go forward once Freydell is located.

On the other hand, John Jairo Velasquez, an imprisoned member of the Medellin drug cartel, alleged Freydell was a financier of both presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galan’s murder and Avianca flight 203 bombing in 1989.

In an interview with W Radio early this week Freydell vehemently denied all the allegations against him. He said that the number of accusations against him have soared since his daughter married Montoya.