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Colombian military captures alleged ELN member

colombia news - concha

Colombian military officials captured an alleged member of the ELN guerrilla group Wednesday in the northeast of Colombia, reported a military news release.

Ruben Camacho Rojas, alias “Concha”, was captured by the 18th Brigade of the Colombian military near the Venezuelan border in the district of Los Alpes located in Saravena, Arauca.

Military officials reported that Camacho allegedly had a blue notice from Interpol, and had been identified as being a political and military link to ELN leaders, including Carlos Marin Guarin, alias “Pablito,” and Moises Bautista Nuñez, alias “Jorge,” who operate in the east of Colombia.

Camacho had been allegedly linked to the latest “terrorist attacks” in the area against the military, local residents, and vehicles. The military cited Camacho has being connected to the attack on a military armed vehicle in Saravena on July 29 as well as the explosive attack against a police patrol car in Saravena on August 19 of 2011.