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Colombian health agency seizes nearly 100,000 imported condoms with holes in them

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Colombia news - faulty condoms

Colombian health agency Invima has seized nearly 100,000 imported, poor quality condoms, Caracol Radio reported Thursday.

Invima has warned that four international manufacturers are exporting poor quality condoms to Colombia, many of which have been found to contain holes. Of these, particular brands to look out for according to Invima Director Elvira Cajoga are “Eclipse of Love”, “Condom Life”, “Green Mate” and “Deluxe,” all manufactured by Chinese companies.

Invima has already made contact with each of the manufacturers in question and given them ten days to respond, following which they could be stripped of their relevant licence.

The agency issued an alert to the national organisation regulating chemists in Colombia as well as the family planning organisation, Profamilia.

Invima have conducted a two year study on the 45,000,000 condoms imported by Colombia over the past four years. Of these, 9% were found to have holes in and 97,828 units had to be removed from retailer’s shelves due to poor quality.

A high number of faulty condoms were allegedly found in Barranquilla and Bogota.

Colombia reportedly has between 7% and 9% more condom related quality control issues than anywhere else in the world, a statistic that arguably goes some way to explaining some of Colombia’s recently published teenage pregnancy statistics.