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Colombian crime boss dies in Venezuela

Colombian mob boss killed in Venezuela

Colombian crime boss Carlos Esneider Quintero Galvis, alias “El Gomelo,” has died in Venezuela, reports local media.

The right hand man of the drug lord “Valenciano” and the heir apparent of the drug trafficking organization “Oficina de Envigado” was left at a Venezuelan hospital on Monday, February 6 with several gunshot wounds to the head. An official police report stated that he was carried in by an unidentified individual and that he died a few hours later.

According to Colombian police intelligence, the death of “El Gomelo,” who had been in hiding in Venezuela for five years, is not a big surprise. Conversations intercepted by the authorities heard the drug lord Maximiliano Bonilla, alias “Valenciano,” saying that Quintero “had too much power and that they needed to be careful with him.”

Another hypothesis is that “El Gomelo” may have been killed because of his suspected role in Valenciano’s arrest on November 27, 2011. “Apparently, he was one of those who provided data that led to the arrest of Bonilla,” said a government official.

“El Gomelo” had arrest warrants for aggravated murder, attempted murder, illegal possession of weapons, personal injuries, aggravated robbery, and conspiracy, and had been labeled a “high value target” by Medellin police.