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Colombian beauties come to the rescue


It’s too big a job for one man to do alone – luckily Sweet presenter Carlos Giraldo has not one, but two stunning talents ready and willing to assist, as he faces the enviable task of reporting from the Colombian National Beauty Contest.

Ravishing model and presenter Johanna Uribe Velez and delectable ex-beauty queen Diana Mina will take to Colombian television screens with Giraldo as the gossip programme broadcasts from the contest this week.

In a stroke of genius by the programme producers, the two stunners will play good cop bad cop, Radio Santa Fe reported.

Johanna will cast a stern and critical eye over the looks and presentation of the candidates – she will have carte blanche to point out their flaws in minute detail. Diana will leap to their defense and highlight their multitude of strengths and virtues. This seamless joint assessment has been afforded its own section in Sweet’s coverage, christened “Opposite Poles”.

The contest reaches its finale this weekend, where one lucky lady will be crowned Miss Colombia 2011.