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Reward offered for info on escaped rebel

Colombia news - escaped guerrilla

Colombian authorities offer a US$900 thousand reward for information that leads to the arrest of Gustavo Anibal ‘Pablito’ Giraldo, the ELN guerrilla commander who escaped from custody on Wednesday.

Colombian media reported that the National Police commander Gen. Oscar Naranjo made the anouncement and explained that the Colombia authorities has deployed police and armed forces personnel to the border of Venezuela in search of ‘Pablito’.

Giraldo escaped while transported to the Arauca airport in eastern Colombia. Reports say that several armed men attacked the guards who were watching Giraldo. One gusrad was killed and two were injured in the assault.

‘Pablito’, who was an inmate in Combita high security penitentiary, came to Arauca on Monday to appear before a court.

Luis Alberto Ortiz, Police Commander in Arauca, said to Caracol Radio that the guerrilla fled to neighboring Venezuela as the Police found the vehicle and the motorcycles used by the guerillas who helped “Pablito” escaped in a hamlet across the river from Venezuela.

Colombian authorities have requested the Venezuelan assistance to apprehend Giraldo, who was initially arrested in January 2008 by the Colombian Army in Bogota.

‘Pablito’ faces charges of murder, rebellion, and terrorism. He is the alleged murderer of eight Venezuelan solidiers and a Catholic bishop, and the bomber of the Caño Limon – Coveñas oil pipeline, which he allegedly bombed 200 times.