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Colombian authorities: hauled drug money almost US$ 28 milllion

Colombian authorities have seized almost US$ 28 million in cash from new drug kingpins so far in September, Colombian Police director Gen. Oscar Naranjo said Wednesday.

The money found at the Colombian port of Buenaventura in several shipping containers from Houston (USA) and Manzanillo (Mexico) allegedly belong to brothers Luis Enrique and Javier Antonio Calle Serna, also known as the ‘Combas’.

According to the Colombian antinarcotics authorities, the ‘Combas’ went from drug cartel lieutenants to lords of a new drug smuggling ring in southwestern Colombia.

Gen. Naranjo said that the Colombian government offers a US $ 2,5 million reward for information that lead to the Calles’ arrest.

The Colombian President Alvaro Uribe said the seized money will be used to finance housing for low income residents of Buenaventura and the families of the soldiers and police officers held hostage by the guerilla.

The authorities found the first money stash on September 9 and the last stash on september 16.