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Colombian-American kidnap victim rescued

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A Colombian-American citizen, kidnapped February 6, was rescued by
Colombian authorities Tuesday in the rural zone of Yumbo, in the south
western department of Valle de Cauca.

Cali Police Commander Gustavo Ricaurte said 22 year old Carolina Zuluaga was found bound and blindfolded, abandoned by her captors in the countryside.

He said Carolina was in Colombia on vacation from the U.S with her sister Cinthya Zuluaga. The sisters were kidnapped when leaving a nightclub. they were held in a house in the suburb of La Alameda, Cali until Cinthya managed to evade her captors and seek help from the neighbors. She was rescued on March 21.

Carolina was moved to another area. She was rescue after locals advised the authorities of her location.

According to Ricuarte, the kidnappers had demanded a large ransom and were planning on selling Carolina to the FARC.