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Colombian actress Marbelle strips for SoHo

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She’s already courted controversy by appearing naked on its cover once, and now Colombian actress Marbelle has disrobed a second time for SoHo magazine, reports Terra.

The star of television show “Amor Sincero,” a soap opera inspired by her life story, Marbelle achieved fame after appearing on TV show “Sabados Felices,” which she followed up with raunchy first album “Collar de Perlas” in 1996. Now, fourteen years after its release, the 30-year-old babe from Buenaventura, on the Pacific coast, shows she’s not gotten any shyer by baring all in the May edition of the popular lads’ mag.

The fiery Colombian got into trouble in April last year for slapping her neighbor in the face after a dispute in which the woman called the actress a “whore.”

Also famous for her artificially enhanced butt and tattooed breasts, Marbelle often cries when watching herself on television because “95% of what happens there really has happened to me.”

Only time will tell whether this new development will appear in an episode of the popular soap too.