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Colombia to host 2013 Interpol General Assembly

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The 82nd General Assembly of international police organization Interpol will be hosted in the northern Colombian city of Cartagena.

The annual Interpol meeting that was just held in Rome, Italy announced that the following meeting would be held in the Caribbean beach city next year.

The Interpol General Assembly is a once a year meeting that makes all “the major decisions affecting general policy” of the organization, including financial, methodological and programing agendas, according to Interpol.

We are excited and proud to host this important event and we are committed not only to maintain the quality and relevance of this meeting, but to work hard to make Interpol a more effective tool in the fight against transnational organized crime,” said Colombia’s Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon, reported newspaper El Espectador.

According to Pinzon, Colombia has strengthened its international security and defense image, which has historically been quite negative, by taking an active role in fighting against transnational crime in cooperation with other countries, therefore meriting the General Assembly selection of Colombia to host next year’s meeting.