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Colombia suspends red notice alerts against FARC members: Interpol

Interpol has confirmed that Colombia has suspended the arrest warrants hanging over members of FARC who will travel to Norway to initiate peace talks with the government, reported Radio Caracol Tuesday.

A source of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) revealed that it was Colombia who took the decision to lift the “red notice” alerts on several members of the guerrilla group.

This was part of an agreement to allow members of FARC’s negotiating team freedom to travel out of Colombia under the assurance that they would not be detained.

Interpol’s role is limited to notifying its 190 Member States that the red notice has been lifted, and therefore it must be the country that originally issued the capture alert that requests its cancellation.

While Interpol didn’t identify the persons involved, Colombia Reports previously reported that at least one member of the 10 FARC negotiators was still wanted by Interpol as of last week.

It is unknown whether the arrest warrants lifted will be put back in place once the peace talks have concluded.

The news on Tuesday has allegedly given the green light for all members of FARC to travel to Havana where they will meet before heading to Europe.

A press conference in Norway’s capital Oslo will mark the beginning of the peace talks which aim to bring an end to Colombia’s 48-year old armed conflict.