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Colombia ranks 10th worst on terrorism risk index


A British security analysis firm ranked Colombia as the tenth most vulnerable nation to terrorism Wednesday.

Maplecroft Terrorism Risk Index

  1. Somalia
  2. Pakistan
  3. Iraq
  4. Afghanistan
  5. South Sudan
  6. Yemen
  7. Palestinian Territories
  8. Dem. Rep. of Congo
  9. Centr. African Republic
  10. Colombia
  11. Algeria
  12. Thailand
  13. Philippines
  14. Russia
  15. Sudan
  16. Iran
  17. Burundi
  18. India
  19. Nigeria
  20. Israel

Maplecroft, a U.K.-based security company ranked Colombia as the tenth most vulnerable nation to terrorism according to its terrorism risk index. Colombia was ranked behind Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Yemen, the Palestinian occupied territories, Congo, and the Central African Republic in descending order of risk. Maplecroft ranked 198 countries in total.

Colombia was ranked highest in the Western Hemisphere for terrorist threats and was labeled as possessing an “extreme risk” of terrorist attacks. Of the countries ranked higher than Colombia all were either located in either Africa or the Middle East.

In April, Maplecroft stated that the risk of violence in Colombia had increased throughout the country since 2009 and that it was particularly high in the north due to the actions of paramilitaries.