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Colombia ranks 46th in Failed State Index

failed states index

Colombia was ranked as 46th-least stable out of 177 countries in the 2010 “Failed States Index,” compiled by U.S. researchers, an improvement of five places from its 2009 ranking.

The index, a joint project run by Foreign Policy magazine and U.S. NGO the Fund for Peace, measures nations’ stability based on twelve factors such as refugee flows, economics, human rights violations and security threats. Participating nations are ranked 1 to 177, with 1 being the most unstable nation and 177 the least.

Colombia’s scored 88.2 out of a possible 120 points, an improvement from last year’s score of 89.2.

The African nation of Somalia topped this year’s list, while the Scandinavian country of Norway came in 177th, as the most stable country on the list.