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Colombia kicks off Christmas with fireworks

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Colombia’s capital city of Bogota is set to start the holiday season off with a boom with its annual fireworks show on December 7 with a slew of Christmas lights, displays and parades.

Bogota’s tallest building, the Torre Colpatria, will entertain the city with its “Night of Candles,” its impressive 11th annual firework show.

“We’ve made an investment that will allow us to decorate one of the most important icons of the Colombian capital so that Bogotanos and tourists [can have] a unique experience for the senses,” Santiago Perdomo, the President of Colpatria, told Santa Fe Radio.

A light show set to festive music leads up to the night’s grand finale, a spectacular crescendo of fireworks. The spectacle is free to all.

Festivities will continue the following day when allegedly 5,000 athletes will participate in the “Race of Ascent of the Torre Colpatria.” There will also be a free orchestra production to boot.