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Colombia FDI statistics

Colombia FDI statistics

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Colombia has grown more than 500% since 2001, mainly pushed by the rapidly expanding oil and mining industry in the country.

Total foreign direct investment

Foreign direct investment per country

Foreign direct investment per sector

US investment in Colombia

Canadian investment in Colombia

European investment in Colombia

Chinese investment in Colombia

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  • ronald wegner

    Great country to invest in but it is no longer a great bargain. Prices are through the roof. Housing communication especially celular companies bilking us and draining and syphoning our money. Food, entertainment all are at least as expensive as usa and in many cases much higher. Money is worthless there except to hire cheap labour and buy cheap street food and counterfeit apparel. What a joke. Charge usa / europe prices, pay workers nothing, its a very unfair and unbalanced country designed for the rich and damn the poor and middle class. Arrogant thieving big business owners draining the blood from the poor workers and then the high tax rate on consumption and earnings.
    I love colombia but things need to change before colombia implodes. 2 separate and distinct countries bordered by inequality.