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Colombia expands most wanted list

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Colombian police authorities expanded the country’s most wanted list to include eleven reputed drug lords, and the leaders of nine paramilitary groups and drug trafficking organizations.

In an interview with newspaper El Nuevo Siglo, police commander General Jose Roberto Leon Riaño announced that the capture of these alleged criminals is the national police’s top priority for 2010.

All men on the country’s most wanted list are leaders of known gangs and paramilitary groups, such as Los Rastrojos and the Aguilas Negras.

Except for drug gang Los Paisas, the Police say they have identified the leaders of all the criminal groups.

Information leading to the capture of one of the men on the most wanted list can result in rewards of up to US$2.5 million.

On Friday, national police director Oscar Naranjo revealed that, according to police intelligence, there are currently 3,700 members of six active drug and paramilitary gangs.

Colombia’s Most Wanted

Gang name not popularly known:

  • Arnoldo Daniel Barrera, alias ‘El Loco Barrera’
  • Dairo Antonio Usuga David, alias ‘Otoniel’ or ‘Mauricio’

Los Rastrojos:

  • Luis Enrique Calle Serna, alias “Comba”
  • Jaime Antonio Calle Serna, alias “El Doctor”
  • Diego Perez Henao, alias “Diego Rastrojo”

Popular Revolutionary Antiterrorism Army of Colombia (ERPAC):

  • Pedro Oliverio Guerrero, alias “Cuchillo”

Aguilas Negras:

  • Ruberney Vergara Sanabria, alias “Wilson”

Alta Guajira:

  • Arnulfo Sanchez Gonzalez, alias “Pablo”

Los Machos:

  • Hilvert Nover Urdinola Perea, alias “Don H”


  • Jose María Negrete Luna, alias “Raul”

Los Paisas:

  • Name of leader unknown