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Colombia crowns new Vallenato King


Colombia Monday named a new Vallenato King at the 45th annual Festival de la Leyenda Vallenato in Valledupar.

Fernando Rangel Molina took the crown five years after winning the Junior King title at the event in northern Cesar Department, the heartland of the traditional Colombian music style. Molina is currently the accordionist for legendary vallenato singer Jorge Oñate.

Vallenato is a combination of Spanish and African musical traditions, born in the valleys of northern Colombia and nowadays characterized by the use of the accordion.

Following in Molina’s footsteps, this year’s Junior King was 17-year-old Fabio Felipe Villabona Herrera.

The coveted “piqueria” title went to Jose Felix Ariza, who won a record fourth title in the category. Piqueria is a singing battle held between performers, accompanied by the traditional music form.