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Colombia and Israel to sign free trade agreement

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Colombia and Israel are set to sign a Free Trade Agreement by the end of this year, according to Radio Caracol on Friday.

The Israeli ambassador Yoed Magan said that the agreement will “benefit the people” from both countries, and that an important “closeness” has formed between the countries in the last two years.

“In March we established an operating framework that has objectives to promote innovation and an entrepreneurial culture. At the same time we started conversations on a Free Trade Agreement and I am happy that to inform that it is very probable that this agreement is ready to sign by the end of the year,” said Magan.

“No doubt this benefits our two populations, in this way I can say that the Israeli government has invited Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos to visit our country to sign this important agreement,” said the ambassador.

“Our relations are characterized by warm and close political connections and a deep economic, commercial technical, agricultural and defense cooperation,” said Magan of what he said was an important close relationship with Colombia.