Posted by Adriaan Alsema on Jan 13, 2009 Leave a comment

Coffee growers won’t sue U.S. cartoonist

Colombia’s coffee growers federation will not sue U.S. cartoonist Mike Peters. It had threatened to demand US$20 million after its Juan Valdéz coffee brand had been subjected to Peters’ sense of humor in a Mother Goose and Grimm

Sources within the federation told Caracol Radio Tuesday the coffee growers accept Peters apology and will not undertake any further legal action.

A Mother Goose and Grimm cartoon wherein Juan Valdéz coffee was linked to Colombian crime syndicates angered the coffee growers.

Their federation claimed Peters had insulted Colombia’s national dignity and would seek “not just an
economic compensation for something that damages the intellectual
heritage. We also want moral compensation. A public manifestation,”
federation director Gabriel Silva said at a press conference last week.

After the threat to sue, Peters publicly apologized for having offended and said the coffeegrowers had misinterpreted the joke.

The cartoonist then met with representatives of the coffee growers and was invited to visit Colombia’s coffee region and see for himself how the coffee is grown. The multi-million lawsuit was canceled.