Posted by Adriaan Alsema on Nov 27, 2008 Leave a comment

Coalition wants Uribe’s 2010 re-election revived, opposition say it’s dead

Political parties supporting Colombian President Álvaro Uribe want to
revive the 2010 re-election possibility in the plenary chamber of the
House after it was turned down by the House’ First Committee Wednesday.

According to newspaper El Tiempo, a procedural error made during the vote about the constitutional change makes the coalition think it can be passed on to the plenary chamber of Colombia’s House of Representatives.

The reformulating of the referendum that would allow the 2010 re-election wasn’t turned down by a majority of 18-15, but of 17-15, the deputy secretary of the commission said after the vote. It is unclear what happened to the disappeared vote.

Colombian law doesn’t allow any constitutional changes unless it has the complete majority of votes within the originally 35-seat committee. Because 17 isn’t the absolute majority, the coalition interprets it as “neither approved or denied” and wants the House’ plenary chamber to vote on it.

The opposition disagrees and says the 2010 re-election is drowned.