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Colombia arrests Peru’s top drug lord in Medellin
The who’s who of Colombia’s tax-avoiding elite
Panama vows to share tax information with Colombia
Odin (L) and Patrocinio Sanchez
ELN hostage ‘switcheroo’ threatening peace talks with Colombia’s government
Kevin Whitaker (L) and Maria Angela Holguin
US guarantees support to Colombia in aftermath of FARC peace deal
Philip Hammond (Image credit: Gareth Miller)
UK pledges long term support to Colombia’s peace process
Lessons from Colombia’s past: Is the FARC’s demobilization mass suicide?
Panama vows to share tax information with Colombia
(Image credit: Civico)
Bogota seeks to privatize public telecommunication company ETB
Juan Manuel Santos
Colombia’s economic outlook darkens: report
Oil production in Colombia down 4% in March
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How to get a 16% sales tax cut when visiting Colombia
A tourist helps Bogota government workers clean up (Image credit: Fontur)
Colombia steps up efforts to keep tourist sites litter-free
Caño Cristales river (Image credit: Mario Carvajal)
Uproar in Colombia over fracking plans near one of country’s most unique ecosystems
(Image credit: Vanessa Reyes Restrepo)
Education and peace conference broadcast live by Colombia Reports
Colombia Reports’ new website and other updates
Juan Fernando Cristo (Image credit: Interior Ministry)
Colombia Reports will ignore government’s press freedom limitations
Ivan Marquez (Image credit: EFE)
A tempest in a teacup at Colombia’s peace talks
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Central Colombia ‘madman’ gives away thousands of dollars to the poor
(Image credit: Hugo Armando Rua GUtierrez)
NASA Highlight: The Andromeda galaxy seen from Colombia
Caño Cristales river (Image credit: Mario Carvajal)
Colombia suspends fracking license near unique ecosystem after wave of indignation