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3000 cops secure Cartagena during holiday season

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Cartagena‘s mayor Judith Pinedo and the city’s police on Monday presented a security strategy for this Christmas season with 3,000 policemen committing to the safety of locals and tourists, local newspaper El Universal reports.

According to police commander Ricardo Restrepo all public spaces including hotels and the airport will be closely monitored to allow families to peacefully enjoy the festive season.

The city’s security also has a plan to protect children and adolescents from being abused.

Pinedo urged all inhabitants of Cartagena to work together for better public security by making use of hot-lines and reporting abuses immediately.

The director of the Tourism Corporation of Cartagena Luis Ernesto Araujo said that the agency will do its best to provide a safe stay for tourists.

Cartagena has put in extra efforts this year to curb violence in the city.