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Cartagena increases security measures for tourist high season

Colombia news - Tourists in Cartagena

Authorities in Cartagena increased security measures as they expect more than 100,000 tourists in the next couple of weeks in the coastal city’s high season.

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The National Police, Prosecution and the DAS will work together to prevent violent outbreaks, authorities told El Tiempo.

Director of the Tourism Corporation of Indian Cartagena, Luis Araujo, said that the corporation expects more visitors than last year when 85,000 tourist came to the Caribbean city. “Cartagena has enough space for everyone,” the official reassures.

Commander of the Caribbean Naval Force, Admiral Roberto Garcia Marquez, said that the security forces have implemented a series of special security measures such as increasing the manpower and expanding surveillance.

The communication system between the search and rescue teams on the beach will be improved to prevent anything likely to affect the tranquility of the region. There will be an increase in operational control on docks, sailing clubs and shipping companies to verify the safety on ships”, Garcia added.

Cartagena is Colombia’s number one holiday destination.