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Cartagena fishermen become tour guides

Colombia news - Cartagena fisherman

A fishing island off the coast of Cartagena has been adapting to the tourist season by employing fishermen as museum guides, reported El Tiempo Wednesday.

The small fishing island of Tierrabomba is hoping to attract foreigners and tourists with their beaches, fishing culture, and most importantly, a community museum that exhibits artifacts from a 18th century Spanish ship.

A tour of the island will cost around $15, and include transportation, a typical lunch made by the wives of the fishermen, a walk around the island, and of course a story about the discovery of the wreck.

Of all the artifacts recovered from the wreck, the most notable are three bronze cannons that required some 20 people to lift off the ocean floor.

A trip from Cartagena to the island of Tierrabomba is only twenty minutes by boat, and the small island can be a relaxing retreat from Cartagena’s crowded beaches and noisy streets.