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Canada Air Force’s FARC faux-pas

royal canadian air force

Canada narrowly escaped flying with “FARC” fighters after a cack-handed attempt to name its air force, BBC Mundo reported Thursday.

The North American nation committed the naming no-no in August when it shrank the French name of its air force to an acronym.

Pilots of the Force d’Aviation Royale Canadienne could have been winging their way through the skies with FARC emblazoned on the side of their jets, despite having no connection to the Colombian leftist rebels.

Luckily the bilingual nations realized the baptismal boo-boo and officials considered renaming the aerial arm of the armed forces ARC, or Aviation Royale Canadienne.

Unfortunately that acroym has already been nabbed by the l’Artillerie Royale Canadienne, but you can’t win ’em all.

Canada is a bilingual nation in French and English which means all official bodies must have names in both languages.

The “royal” at the start of official names is a reference to British Queen Elizabeth II, who is also the Canadian head of state.