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Bogota’s government secretary investigated for nepotism


Colombia’s Prosecutor General’s Office has launched a preliminary inquiry into Bogota’s Secretary of Government, for allegedly appointing close associates to administrative health posts when he was governor of Nariño department, Colombian news sources reported Thursday.

The allegations against Antonio Navarro Wolff, Bogota’s current secretary of government, relate to irregularities in his appointment of several administrative health posts during his time as governor of Colombia’s southwestern department of Nariño.

The preliminary investigation was launched following a complaint lodged by the union of the Departmental Health Institute, which claimed that Navarro Wolff appointed close associates as interim directors, bypassing legal protocol.

In particular, it is alleged that the San Andres hospital in Nariño ending up with two managers when only one was needed.

The Prosecutor General is currently investigating the evidence, to determine whether charges will be brought.

Just this morning Government Secretary Navarro Wolff announced that people who falsely presented themselves as victims of Bogota’s floods to receive financial assistance are to face fraud charges.