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Bogota’s IberoAmerican Festival of Theatre kicks off in April

Bogota’s IberoAmerican Festival of Theatre kicks off in April

(Photo: Festival de teatro Iberoamericano)

Bogota is preparing itself for world-famous performance art as the IberoAmerican Festival of Theatre (FITB) makes its glorious return to Colombia’s capital on April 4.

The 14th edition of the internationally renowned festival makes a comeback to Bogota after its two year absence bringing with it 1,200 international artists from more than 25 countries across five continents taking part in a total of 50 performances.

The festival, which this year will run from April 4 to April 12, will celebrate theatre and art from China, Spain, Colombia, Denmark, Peru, Mexico and Venezuela for people of all ages.

“We all have to see!” will be the Festival’s motto according FITB organizers, accompanied by the logo of a wide-open eye popping from a red background.

“One eye. A cheerful, lively, wide-awake eye made up to act, to party, to invite to dream, to warn us to be alert, to prepare the eye because now comes the astonishment, the ritual of the magic of theater, and we all have to see, lots to see,” reads the leading line of the festival’s colorful website.

“The Girl Dragon” (China), directed by Peter Wilson with Chinese Children Arts Theatre, “The Kalabazza Pippa” (Mexico), under the direction and production of Jose Ramon Florez, and “The Letter” (Denmark), a “clown”classic that presents the company Paolo Nani Teather are among the international highlights of the festival, Caracol Radio reports.

The national representation will be primarily from The Golden Dragonfly (La Libelula Dorada) and Magical Threads (Hilos Magicos) theatre groups, which will present more than 27 works, and six other companies that will perform a repertoire of “classic pieces, contemporary versions, fables and original creations,” organizers said.

These local productions include “classic pieces, contemporary versions, fables and original creations” such as “El romance de la niña y el sapito”, “Este chivo es puro cuento” and “Un pobre pelagato mal llamado Fortunato”, according to festival organizers.

Children’s classics plays such “The Little Prince”, “The Ugly Duckling”, “The Boy Who Cried Wold”, “Red Riding Hood” and “The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs” will also be presented by local group Magical Threads (Hilos Magicos) — who will be celebrating their 40th anniversary.

The children’s program for the festival will be dedicated to the plays as well as puppets and clowns, throughout a number of theatres in the capital, including “El coliseo cubierto El Campín,” an arena with a capacity for 14,000 people.

“Let’s enjoy the way we see things, enjoy life,” the festival proclaims.