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Bogota’s ex-mayor files for annulment of corruption charges

samuel moreno

The jailed ex-Mayor of Bogota awaits a high court decision after filing for annulment of his corruption charges.

Lawyers for Samuel Moreno have applied for the annulment of corruption charges which were filed against the former mayor in December, on the grounds that they violate due process.

Moreno’s defense lawyer Jorge Arenas said the main argument for annulling the criminal proceedings against his client was lack of evidence. He said the prosecution had not provided sufficient grounds to prove a direct link between his client and the solicitation or receipt of funds from public works contractors, in what has become known as the Bogota corruption scandal.

Arenas confirmed that he will continue working on and preparing Moreno’s defense for a criminal trial, which could take place in the coming months.

He insisted he would prove the ex-mayor had no responsibility in the scandal that has thus far resulted in convictions and prison sentences for directors of the Nule construction group, and most recently the former mayor’s brother Ivan Moreno.

The annulment request was rejected early Monday by Judge Paola Jiminez Monroy, and will now be brought to a Bogota high court, with the decision to be announced at an upcoming formal arraignment.