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Bogota mayor names new secretaries

Bogota mayor

Bogota mayor Gustavo Petro on Thursday named five new secretaries to head the economic development, housing and planning, environment, and social integration departments.

The changes came a week after Petro forced his entire cabinet to resign in preparation for Bogota’s so-called Development Plan, a $3.5 billion initiative which seeks to create a more “humane Bogota” through investing in the city’s infrastructure, education and government.

“To begin the execution of the Plan, I have taken the decision to restructure the cabinet, which is why I accept the resignation of those of you present and thank you for your political engagement and your support for this acting government,” Petro said in a final briefing with his former employees, according to W Radio.

Petro had previously said the new cabinet would need more representatives from the business community.

According to radio station Caracol, the new cabinet members and their assigned posts are as follows: Geraldo Ardila Calderon, secretary of planning. Teresa Muñoz Lopera, secretary of social integration. Carlos Simancas, secretary of economic development. Maria Mercedes Maldonado, secretary of the habitat. Susana Muhamad, secretary of the environment. Those who resigned were Jorge Pulecio, Consuelo Ahumada, Margarita Florez and María Claudia Valencia.