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Bogota bombs injure 4 police officers

Colombia news - bomb

Two bomb explosions at a police station in northwest Bogota Sunday left four police officers injured, one seriously.

The explosions closely followed each other, with the officers injured by the second explosion as they attended the site of the first explosion in a Bogota district police station. One of the officers, a woman, was reported to be in a serious condition.

The explosions took place at about 7:30PM in the basement parking area of the police station. The police suspect the bombs were triggered by mobile phone and that the perpetrators were watching the station in order to target the officers with the second explosion. Damage was also sustained to nearby cars and buildings.

A local official attributed the attack to revenge by drug-trafficking gangs for successfully combatting their activities. Police say that investigations are ongoing and have offered a reward of 30 million pesos to anyone giving information on the perpetrators.